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Long Lake Insurance
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Imperial, SK
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Long Lake Insurance
519 Main Street
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Bethune, SK
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Long Lake Insurance
703 Highway 11
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Chamberlain, SK
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Long Lake Insurance
212 3rd Street
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Craik, SK
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Long Lake Insurance
711 Main Street
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Holdfast, SK
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Long Lake Insurance

Welcome To Long Lake Insurance

Long Lake Insurance is a full service, independent insurance brokerage that can provide you with quality products and services, to meet your entire personal ,business, and farm insurance needs. 

We are an Independent Insurance Broker, which means we act as professional insurance advisors operating independently to serve all your insurance needs. Long Lake Insurance is uniquely qualified to be your financial partner.

Products and Services

Long Lake Insurance offers a wide selection of products and expertise to serve our customers risk management needs. We can also work with specialty insurance needs. If you have a unique situation that requires a specialized quote, please feel free to contact us.

Representing the following insurance companies:

and provide insurance for the following risks:

Protect your livelihood…..we also represent all eight hail line companies:


Long Lake Insurance is also happy to assist you with all of your licence issuing needs as we are a SGI MOTOR LICENCE ISSUER at all locations.