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Vacationer’s Travel Insurance

You’ve been planning your next vacation for a while. Whether you’re going it solo, with your family, a loved one, or friends, you need travel insurance to ensure that everything can go off without a hitch. While travel insurance can’t stop the bad things from happening it can be there for you if they do.

If you plan to be out of the country for a few weeks or are looking to have a weekend getaway in the next province over, travel insurance can help secure you against the unforeseen and potentially disastrous. What if you need to cancel due to an emergency? Travel insurance can help.

You’ve earned this trip. Let Long Lake Insurance look after the details of your insurance while you take it easy and enjoy the time off. Get a quote with us today.

What Do You Get

Protect Your Vacation Plans

Affordable Rates

Vacations are expensive enough. Long Lake Insurance helps you get travel insurance at a great price.

Expert Advice

Long Lake Insurance is one phone call away for whenever you need travel insurance advice. We work for you before a brokerage so our guidance always comes from a place of interest!

Several Options

Our team offers a huge selection of different coverage options depending on the nature of your trip and what is you personally require.

Friendly Expertise

Our advice always comes from a place of heart so you can look to us for professionalism and friendly expertise..
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Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is great because it helps provide us with peace of mind while on vacation, knowing that if something should happen you may have financial coverage. The point of vacationing is to enjoy yourself and not worry about everything that could or might happen. Rest easy knowing that Long Lake has you secured wherever you are in the world.

If you plan to travel anywhere outside of the province that you live, you should have travel insurance. Travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and can have huge payoff for a small price tag. Also, your provincial health care plan may not be able to cover all your expenses if you are injured or fall sick while away from home. Travel insurance can.

If you have any questions about the travel insurance plans that we offer, contact us today at our offices. Our team is always willing to help out if you aren’t sure about your coverage or what you need.


What Does Travel Insurance Cover

Your Plans

Travel insurance secures you and your travelling companions so that you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry the financial impact of an unforeseen event.

Emergency Medical

If you are travelling and you have a health condition, your travel insurance may cover you for any emergency expenses.

Your Cancellations

Should you decide to cancel your trip for unexpected reasons, your travel insurance may cover the cost of cancellations.

Your Peace of Mind

You want to enjoy your vacation without disruption. Long Lake insurance programs offer peace of mind while you get some sun.
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Long Lake Insurance Has Your Back

The whole point of travelling is to get away from the stresses we may experience in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to travel insurance, you can have peace of mind while on your next getaway, knowing you are secure in case something should happen that could cause serious disruption to your plans. Trust in Long Lake Insurance to help you out with your travel insurance and enjoy your next trip!

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