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Hail Insurance Protection

We can’t control mother nature but we can help you protect your crop from her peril. The devastating financial impact of hail can be devastating. Let us help you determine the insurance options that are best for your crop insurance needs that will mitigate the financial impacts should hail hit.

Hail damage is perilous to all sorts of investments. Our homes, our cars, and our farms with their precious crops – and we never quite know when it will hit, either. Luckily, hail insurance may have the answer when it comes to coverage.

Enter Long Lake Insurance. We help you get hail insurance suited to fit your operations to protect your crops and provide financial recompense should there be a hailstorm which causes unprecedented damage to your livelihood in Saskatchewan.

What Do You Get

Protect Your Property and Save Money

Affordable Rates

We know how tough it can be to find affordable insurance, why is why Long Lake Insurance is willing to help you search through your options to find a coverage plan that fits your budget.

Expert Advice

Long Lake Insurance understands the damages that hail storms can cause and is always willing to offer you advice when it comes to protecting your crops and farm from this threat.

Huge Selection

We have a wide range of different coverages thanks to our expertise and time operating within the insurance industry.

Friendly Expertise

Long Lake Insurance has itself embedded in our prairie province communities, so we know the locals better than anyone – we are the locals. Look to us for friendly expertise and advice.
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Why Hail Insurance?

Hail damage is no joke. Hail can cause tremendous damage, whether to our homes and their physical structure, our cars, and our farms. Our crops are at risk of hail damage and entire harvests can be written off thanks to the unbelievable threat this natural event may pose.

Obviously, hail insurance cannot stop your crops from being destroyed by storms. However, hail insurance can mitigate the overall financial impact that hail storms can cause to your crops and your livelihood. This is why it is so essential to have hail insurance in Saskatchewan.

If you have any questions, trust that Long Lake Insurance has answers. We will get you what you need when it comes to hail insurance so you never settle for “just good enough.”


What Does Hail Insurance Cover

Your Crops

What is more exposed to hail damage than the crops that you grow? Protect your livelihood with hail insurance.

Your Structures

You may have coverage for your farm’s structures with hail insurance. Hail can be incredibly damaging, to crops, windows, buildings, and so much more.

Your Lifestyle

Where would you be without the crops that you grow? Hail insurance offers protection for your harvest.

Your Peace of Mind

One of the most helpful things about hail insurance is the fact that it provides us with peace of mind and security. Rest easy knowing that your crops have a financial safety net.
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Long Lake Insurance Has Your Back

As farmers in Saskatchewan, hail insurance is so important because it protects the most vital component of our farms and agriculture operations: our crops. Look after your produce and harvests by acquiring hail insurance. While this may not be able to stop a hail storm from damaging your crops, hail insurance can certainly mitigate the financial damages that may result.

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