Why Prepare for Disaster?

News of thousands of residents and businesses being evacuated because of the recent wildfires in Canada has brought home to many Canadians just how quickly...

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My data is being held hostage. What do I do?

By Janice Campbell, Commercial Account Executive Who would have thought that Cyber Extortion would become a real thing? But it is. Cyber extortion or a...

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Cyber Liability Insurance, what’s it all about?

By Janice Campbell, Commercial Account Executive This past year has proven just how dependent the world has become on technology. With the move to a...

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Tips for Closing the Cottage for the Season

Cottage season is coming to a close. Here’s a few tasks to check off your list as you get ready to winterize your home away...

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It’s time to take an interest

As I sit pondering my day, I am struck by the amount of time I spend thinking about other people’s finances. I often find myself...

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