Is your vacation property sitting idle during Covid-19? 

Is your vacation property sitting idle during Covid-19? 

Have your summer plans been impacted due to COVID?  Have travel restrictions prevented you from visiting your vacation property or winter home?  Have you lent or rented your cabin out because you are unable to use it?

Interestingly enough, travel restrictions, due to a global pandemic that prevent you from getting to your seasonal property or changing who stays in it, have the potential to impact your insurance.

Across Canada there are many properties that are unoccupied at a time of year they normally would be.  Any time your property is unoccupied and has no one staying there, it’s at a greater risk for crime and damage, which of course is a concern for you as well as Insurance underwriters.

So, if you are unable to visit your vacation property, are letting family members use it instead of yourself, or are considering renting it out, you need to contact your Insurance broker.  They will help you determine what you need to do in order to keep coverage in place and protect your vacation property from possible damage in your absence.  

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash