Insurance is all the same. Right?

Nope, not true.  A few weeks ago, you might have read my blog about Jennifer and how she was able to save money on her...

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Did you say Yes?

If you’ve ever gone to a lender to get a loan or a mortgage you were probably asked if you wanted Life insurance. If you...

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Goals Come in All Shapes and Sizes

By Patrick Jamieson, Insurance Advisor We hear a lot these days about the importance of setting goals. Goals come in all shapes and sizes totally...

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Important Documents Everyone Should Have

By Patrick Jamieson, Insurance Advisor I’m just looking over my to-do list and there is one item that I seem to overlook on a regular...

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Baby Steps to Improve Your Financial Situation

By Patrick Jamieson, Insurance Advisor The verdict is in and your financial situation could be improved. It has become obvious to you that the situation...

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Future You and Today’s Decisions

As you drink your evening glass of wine take some time to think about the wellbeing of your future self. What? Who the heck is your future self? That person is you in...

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